Sustainably Produced Flowers, Teas, and Unique Products


We are a small farmstead just north of Durham and Hillsborough, NC specializing in sustainably-produced cut flowers, teas, and unique produce items.  You can find us at the Chapel Hill Farmer’s Market, Durham Farmer’s Market and various retail outlets throughout the Research Triangle area.  If you aren’t in our area but still want to purchase some of our products, you can find our products on our online store!

Why should you buy our locally produced flowers and teas?

1) Our flowers are all grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides, so you can be sure that the flowers you bring into your home are free of harmful residues.  The floral industry in the U.S. is heavily dependent on imported items that travel thousands of miles to get to your table.  In addition to the added carbon footprint from all those transportation miles, most of the flowers sold in the U.S. come from large farms or plantations where workers are paid extremely low wages to work grueling shifts and where the fields are sprayed with large amounts of chemical pesticides and herbicides. 

2) Our teas are the best – and not just because they are local.    At our farm we grow lots of herbal teas, all without pesticides or herbicides.  In addition, we source organic black and green teas with a select few of our herbals to make our caffeinated blends.  Our herbal teas are all hand-picked and air-dried as whole leaf teas to preserve the largest amount of flavor possible.  This attention to detail and quality sets us apart from other tea options you can find in the stores.

3) Our unique produce items are fun, healthy, and delicious.  We only grow a few produce items that we feel are unique and that we can grow well in our farm microclimate.  As a consequence, we really focus on bringing you the best varieties of garlic, the best “Matt’s wild” cherry tomatoes, and the best fresh ginger and turmeric possible every season.

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