Waterdog Farms: the beginning

After a months long search for a farm that would fit our long list of unreasonably specific criteria, we have chosen to pursue some real estate we are calling Waterdog Farms.  Although we haven’t yet bought it, we are in the process and should finalize purchase sometime in June.  By the way, anyone want to buy our house in Carrboro?

Waterdog Farms view of front pasture

Why the name waterdog?  The farm is on the Flat River, which is in the Neuse River drainage and is a relatively undisturbed small river/large creek that winds its way through southern Person County on its way to join up with the Eno River to become the Neuse.  Not only does the Flat supply the drinking water for Durham, NC via Lake Michie, but it also happens to harbor a wonderful diversity of aquatic life.  Along with a number of rare mussel species, it is home to the Neuse River Waterdog (Necturus lewisi).  The waterdog is an unusually interesting and large salamander species that only lives in the Tar and Neuse River drainages of North Carolina and nowhere else in the world.  And its very vulnerable due to the dams and urban runoff that are increasingly a part of the watersheds around here. Since our plan for the farm includes using sustainable agriculture practices that will maintain or enhance current ecological condition, we thought naming the farm after the signature animal of the area would be a great idea.

Flat River from our new property

Plus our dog Juno loves to swim, so we have a shorter explanation for the farm name as well.


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