New blooms and new markets

Spring is definitely right around the corner, as evidenced by our first field grown flowers of the year – early tulips and hyacinths.

Christopher and I haven’t grown hyacinths before, so we’re really excited. Of course, harvesting and selling hyacinths makes us think back to old BBC/PBS shows (remember Hyacinth Bucket from Keeping Up Appearances?).  We hope to start selling “hyacinth buckets” to colleagues and some stores very soon.

In other news, we have been accepted to the Person County Farmer’s Market for the 2012 season.  This will be our first farmer’s market, and we’re very excited to join a very dedicated and friendly group of farmers there.  Hopefully all of you can try to make a trip to Roxboro some Saturday morning starting in mid-April and see us in action.

We’re SO excited about spring and the wonderful stuff happening on the farm.  Email or call if you have a special order for flowers that you want filled!


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