Spring bloomfest

Last year, Christopher and I decided to do a little experiment.  We planted our winter cover crop (rye and clover) on a number of beds but also embedded interesting varieties of fall bulbs (hyacinths, lilies, narcissus, flowering allium, and tulips) in the cover crop rows.  So far, the experiment has been a great success.  The rye and clover is coming up nicely, and the bulbs are sprouting up in, around, and underneath the cover.  Once the flowers have started to bloom, we pick them, bulb and all, and are selling them to friends, co-workers, and Lucky Star Market in Chapel Hill.

Spring flower harvest

The tulips look especially radiant this year.  But the hyacinths are the star of the show with their beautiful deep blue colors and amazing fragrance that permeates every nook and cranny of a room.  The particular variety is called Delft Blue and it really does look the part.


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