Partnering with Lucky Star Market

We had a great visit with Heather at Lucky Star Market this weekend while dropping off some wonderful new bouquets of flowers to her store.  Back when Christopher and I lived in the Lloyd Street neighborhood of Carrboro, we knew Heather and discussed her dream to open up a neighborhood market that would cater to all the diversity of the Northside neighborhood in Chapel Hill and adjacent areas.  Thanks to some space opening up next to her husband’s bike shop on Caldwell Street between Rosemary and Franklin Streets, she was finally able to realize her dream this past year.  In addition to carrying our flowers and other seasonal products from our farm, she carries some of the most yummy baked goods I’ve ever tasted (courtesy of Chicken Bridge Bakery) and lots of wonderful drinks, foods, and necessities for life.  Oh, and really cool hammocks.

So if you are interested in supporting our farm but also getting some great treats at reasonable prices by supporting a local businesswoman, head over to Lucky Star Market.



2 thoughts on “Partnering with Lucky Star Market

    • rickiewhite says:

      No promises, but if you cut off the bloom and plant the bulb outside with the leaves still on it might come back next year.

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