Spring schizophrenia

I LOVE spring.  A lot. But it can also be one of the most challenging times of the year.  Not only is my work as an ecologist picking up as the leaves peek out, but our work on the farm begins to take on a new level of difficulty.  The winter was about planning and some prep work for this summer’s farm expansion.  But now we’re in the middle of preparing our new 1/2 acre of raised beds, starting seeds and trying to harden them off (see below), setting up a new irrigation system, and starting to harvest our bounty of flowers that we planted as bulbs last fall.  As the spring progresses, it will become our third full time job (Christopher and I both hold down day jobs).

Trays of seeds waiting for planting time.

But I still love spring.  This week we harvested our most beautiful, luscious tulips and daffodils yet.  We’re so happy to be selling these as usual at Lucky Star Market in Chapel Hill.  Go get them while they are fresh!  We will also be selling fresh bags of our first herbs of the year at the market:  Greek oregano!

Christopher harvesting tulips.


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