Farmer’s Market (Over?)preparedness

This week will be our first farmer’s market ever.

Those of you who know either one of us will not be surprised to hear that we tend to… ahem… overprepare.  You know the folks who arrive exactly on time for a party and who go to bed way too early on weeknights?  That’s us.  I have been known to have mild anxiety attacks when late for a dentist’s appointment.  So last week we decided we needed to go ahead and set up our first farmer’s market stand display – in our garage.  Go ahead, laugh.  But we actually did realize some important elements we were missing from our stand, so this week we’re working on getting those last few items we need.

This exercise also made us appreciate even more the wonderful farmers who are already at the Person County Farmer’s Market and the thought they have put into their displays.  We have been particularly inspired by the stands for Parker Farm and Vineyard,  and Sassafras Fork Farm, and S&H Farms. We love the Person County market and feel so lucky to have been invited to participate.  Because it’s new, it’s much less crowded than other markets in the region and its chock full of pleasant and fun people who are dedicated to providing the best local foods and such.

The first market of the season is this weekend and we’ll be there with our brand new little stand.  Please drop by, even if its a trip for you.  For those in northern Durham County and anywhere in Person County, it’s close, convenient, and a little gem of a place.  We’d love to see you there.

Our "mock" farmer's market stand


One thought on “Farmer’s Market (Over?)preparedness

  1. bess says:

    you may think you over prepared but you had a really nice looking display…. and so I call it preparedness in the just right degree! You are definately right about the vendors at the PC Farmers Market… they can’t be beat in terms of niceness and variety of fresh items they have to offer… I rate them a 10!

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