Holy Basil, Batman!

This week we have really been starting to see the fruits (and herbs) of our labor at the farm.  At the Person County Farmer’s Market, our stand was overflowing with all sorts of fresh and dried herbs, teas, and some lovely veggies. We hope to have even more to debut this next week.

One of the herbs that is new for both Christopher and I is something called holy basil.  Also called sacred basil or tulsi, it is grown and used a lot in India and Thailand, but hasn’t made the jump over here yet.  It’s the strongest smelling basil I’ve ever encountered and has a really unique, sweet smell that is hard to describe on the blog.  So instead, you’ll have to come out and pick up some for yourself and try it.   Thanks to my friend and Thai cooking expert Glen Tig, we were able to find a great recipe for a Thai Basil Chicken that uses holy basil. 

We are also using the holy basil in a tea here at home.  Steep it for about 5 minutes with some bergamot for added flavor and dissolve a little honey in it to make a refreshing pitcher of iced tea.



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