Asclepias curassavica

This year being our first year selling at a farmer’s market, we decided to plant lots of interesting and unusual flowers and herbs.  Some have been very successful at market (like our holy basil, which folks have really enjoyed using in teas and cooking).  Some have been a flop (the Persian Carpet zinnia variety is so pretty, but folks just prefer the more traditional zinnias we have).  One of our new products for this week is a type of milkweed (the scientific name is Asclepias curassavica), and I’m really hoping folks will like it.

Our row of milkweed destined to be cut flowers

We’ll be bringing these flowers to the Person County Farmer’s Market on Saturday.  If you live in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area, you can sign up for localdirt and order these and other flowers and herbs from our farm this weekend, which we will deliver to Chapel Hill’s Lucky Star Market on Monday, July 1.  These orange, red, and yellow blooms remind me of fireworks, so they are the perfect bouquet for your Fourth of July.




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