Hops, pumpkins, and screech owls, oh my.

Some folks think farms around here stop producing in the extended heat of August.  But actually we’ve found that this is not true.  The hard-core summer and early fall crops are now really starting to kick in.  Hops are one of the crops that start producing in the heat.  We started with just one vine as an experiment this year and are happy to report that we have the first harvest from that vine ready for sale at the Person County Farmer’s Market this Saturday for those home brewers out there.  They are the “Cascade” variety and, as with all crops we have, are grown sustainably.

Fresh cascade hops from the farm

We are also having a great week for our Black Futzu pumpkins.  These pumpkins are the BEST eating pumpkins ever.  We just cut them in half, put them on a baking sheet, and bake them for 45 minutes.  We then just eat them like butternut squash with a little butter, salt, and pepper.

Speaking of pumpkins and fall and scary things… we finally heard our first screech owl tonight at the farm. The habitat is right and I was hoping that we had them.  The call is the most eerie, strange noise you’ll hear in the Southeastern forest.  We’re so excited to add this species to our farm list and to continue to manage our farm in a way that sustains habitat for screech owls, bobwhite quails, and other uncommon critters.


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