A farm banner – does this mean we are farmers now?

This past winter we decided to sell products at a farmer’s market.  It was a tough decision since we weren’t 100% sure what yields we’d get from our newly planted .4 acres and didn’t want to go to market empty handed.  But we figured it was worth taking the leap even if we were only able to attend a few markets.  Now here in early September, we look back on a spring and summer full of a whole lot of flowers, herbs, and produce.  We attended markets most every weekend with full tables each and every time and have been rewarded with a loyal group of customers and some really positive feedback.  And with each market and each week, we continue to make tweaks and improvements.  Now that we are also selling at the Chapel Hill Farmer’s Market, we have begun to make even more additions to our booth, including a brand spanking new sign with our logo just in time for tomorrow’s market (see below).


So now that we have our sign/banner, everyone should come out to the Chapel Hill Farmer’s Market to see it and tell us how great it is.  We’ll be there on Saturday from 8AM-noon with most every herb you could need, some lovely herbal teas, and lots of pumpkins, along with assorted other goodies.  If folks are interested in knowing what markets we’ll be at through the fall, just sign up for our newsletter and we’ll notify you about our whereabouts and any exciting farm-related news.


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