Oh Deer!

Although we live out in a very hunter-dense area and have fewer deer per square kilometer than the city folk just south of us, we still find that deer herds/hordes occasionally make their way onto our land.  At first, our trusty waterdog Juno’s scent seemed to keep them away.  We began growing our first garden last year and really had no problems.  But then we planted sweet potatoes this year and it all went downhill from there.  Apparently sweet potato vines (a species of morning glory really) are very palatable to deer.  I awoke one morning to an entire munched down row.  It appears that despite the predation on the sweet potato plants, we’re still probably going to have a decent crop when we dig them up next week.  But we realize its now time to finish up the deer fence project we began this spring so that we won’t have this problem again.

Progress on our perimeter deer fence

This winter, we cleared the perimeter of trees where we wanted the fence to run so that the fence could be laid out in a straight line.  Then our fence guy Bill came out to set the wooden corner posts and braces.  After that, it was up to Christopher and myself to pound in the 150 or so 10 foot t-posts every 20 feet around the perimeter.  We installed about 10 per week over the spring and summer and just finished last week.  So now Bill has returned and is laying out the bottom 4 foot welded wire fence (see photo above).  We’ll get started with the remaining 4 feet of high tensile wire next week, hopefully.

Of course, this means we have woefully ignored the farm fields while we are focusing on this capital upgrade.  We hope to finish up the fence in time to redo our beds and plant fall garlic and flower bulbs for early spring harvest. Until then, we’ll be out working on the fence!


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