Fall is here

We know fall is upon us for many reasons – the weather has turned cooler and less humid, some of the summer plants have ceased to produce like they did in midsummer, and the sky is this amazing Carolina blue on clear days like today.  We also know it’s fall because of our dog, Juno.  You see, in addition to being a “waterdog”, she’s also a “winterdog”. In the heat of the summer, she soldiers on and continues to run on occasion to show off her speed and dexterity to farm visitors, but her heart is just not in it.

Juno showing her contempt for the summer. Photo courtesy of Megan Morr

However, when the air gets cool and the wind begins to sing through the summer-parched tree leaves, Juno’s energy levels get a boost.  We’ve always suspected she’s part husky and I suppose this is confirmation.  She runs and runs and runs during the day and curls up in a ball in the living room in the evening waiting impatiently for us to go to bed so she can get some sleep and save her energy for another exciting cool day.

Juno in her element.

We love our dog for many reasons, and one of them is her child-like delight in snow.  Last year it only snowed a couple of times here at the farm.  This year we’re hoping for more so we can watch her chase the snow, eat the snow, dive in the snow, and throw the snow in our general direction with her snout.  In the meantime, we’re just happy the summer is over and she is able to fully enjoy the farm.


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