Preparations for next year

As we were wrapping up our summer growing season, we realized we had to make a choice.  Either continue to plant and sell crops and flowers into the fall, or till everything under early so that we could put more time into expansion plans for next year.  We decided to take a break from growing and harvesting for market, and instead implement our plans for next year.  This included adding on to our two existing fields and plowing up two new fields to triple the amount of growing area we currently have.  Since we don’t have a tractor, we hired Allan Green and his intern (Daren) from Woodcrest Farm to help us break and till up the sod in the new fields and reshape all our raised beds.  Daren was able to complete tilling and reshaping of beds in 5 hours.  In contrast, my BCS tiller/rotary plow and I would have completed the task in more like 5 days.  So it feels like we are making good progress.

View of all the old and new fields from the house

At the same time, we’ve been fortunate to have some amazing friends volunteer their time here at the farm to help with planting bulbs, landscaping, and moving horse manure and other amendments to the rows.  We especially want to thank Erin Kimrey and Jen Snider of Lazy Turtle Farm, Jen Swenson, Diane Standaert, and Betsy Albright for all their help on farm tasks.  Thanks to the crew, we now have 2400 garlic cloves, 400 hyacinth bulbs, and 200 lily bulbs in the ground and ready to start growing.  Now time to tackle the rest of the rows!



One thought on “Preparations for next year

  1. Debra says:

    It is looking good. You are working way too hard. Don’t forget to let me know when I can get some flowers in the spring!!!

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