View from the farm – January 8

I work a reduced schedule at my job to allow me to have some time during the week to tend to the farm.  As a consequence, Tuesday’s are generally my workhorse day of the week here.  Even in January, there are lots of items to check off our list.  In fact, we are busy this week putting the finishing touches on our organic certification paperwork so that we can be considered an organic farm.  As part of the application process, we are committing to a weekly monitoring process, mainly consisting of more closely observing the pests, weeds, and any strange happenings on the farm that might signal problems such as contamination from adjacent lands.  The monitoring process just formalizes what we have been doing since the first day we moved in here at the farm – getting out in the fields and observing the amazing processes that occur in and around our farm.


Waterdog Farms, Jan. 8, 2012, 3PM

Today as part of the monitoring work, I decided to start taking photos from our upstairs window.  I hope to repeat the process each Tuesday and add some stream-of-consciousness thoughts about the goings-on observed from my farm monitoring that day so that folks that can’t visit can at least get a sense of what it’s like each week.  Hope you enjoy my first installment (and first photo).

Newly sprouted winter rye looking spring-like in the dead of winter

Ear piercing single note of a Cooper’s hawk that’s tantalizingly close but not visible.

Chickweed and henbit beginning to cover the bare ground where cover crops haven’t yet established.

“Who cooks for you, who cooks for you all….”

Elephant garlic, the biggest and boldest of garlics is also, apparently, the earliest to sprout leaves.

Electric green grass sprouting in clumps out of the middle of our spring.  What species is it?


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