The upside of a mild winter

Out of the ordinary weather is 90% bad for farmers like us.  Our mild winter thus far is potentially going to prevent our apples from prospering this year and might mean we have fewer flowers on our bulbs for market next year, since they all need cold winters to really thrive.  I’m not a big fan of the changing climate AT ALL, especially since it likely means not just a warming trend, but also more severe episodes of drought, wind, cold, and heat in the future . This could ruin numerous crops we will come to count on as our farm grows.

But for this winter, at least so far, there is a silver lining.  Our area is not known for its artichoke production.  But the winter so far has been ideal for these lovely vegetables.  Artichokes  (Cynara cardunculus var. scolymus) thrive in mild weather, including mild winters and cool summers.  We have so far managed to overwinter our artichokes and hope to have a bumper crop for our kitchen table in the spring when they will hopefully produce their wonderful flower buds (the edible part).  Of course, we could still have a cold snap.  But now that we are halfway through the winter and they are thriving, I plan on protecting them should the weather go below the low 20’s.



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