Bluebirds of happiness

Yesterday afternoon we took advantage of the sunny day and newly extended working hours (daylight savings time) to continue to weed our garlic and flower bulb rows.  Weeding can be very tedious, but it was helped along by the calls of numerous songbirds whose vocal chords have begun to awaken after a winter slumber. One of our favorite birds, in terms of both call and coloring, is the Eastern bluebird.

Although bluebirds are year round residents in this part of the U.S., they seem to appear more often when the spring warmup begins.  Not only are their songs hard to miss, but they tend to hang out on the power lines that run just over some of the fields, making them hard to miss.  They compete for our attention with the mating red-shouldered hawks that seem to be everywhere in the treetops right now.

So weeding in the garden isn’t so bad when you have such great company all around you.


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