View from the farm – April 3, 2013

Early April is an amazing time on small farms here in this part of North Carolina. Everything is just on the verge of bursting forth. The Southern leopard frogs are beginning to sound their strange mating songs all around the farm pond. Kestrels, sharp-shinned hawks, Cooper’s hawks, red-shouldered hawks, and red-tailed hawks all make appearances around the farm to prey on various winged and non-winged creatures.  The Louisiana waterthrush is signing down by the Flat River.  And the entire farm turns green as all the fescue, rye, crimson clover, and crops put on flushes of new green growth.

In addition to nature at work, we’re also making some man-made additions to the farm. Thanks to the good folks at Berry Hill Irrigation, we now have a system for moving water from our farm pond to all of our rows.  If you look closely on the right side of the picture below, near the pond, you’ll see the filter system and pump that we will be using this year.  We are still in the process of putting the system together, but hope to have it up and running in the next few weeks.



2 thoughts on “View from the farm – April 3, 2013

    • rickiewhite says:

      That is such a compliment seeing as much of my passion for gardening and farming was handed down to me from my grandmother. Thanks for the wonderful post.

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