Time to sign up for Waterdog Farm’s Summer CSA share program.

Now that the summer is truly here (and most of our summer plants are in the beds and growing) it’s time to focus on signing up customers for our summer CSA share.  Our CSA share program caters to folks in Durham who would enjoy exploring a number of herbal teas, culinary herbs, flowers, and some produce from our farm.  We try to vary the items and find that folks have really enjoyed the diversity and quality of our spring CSA share program, which just ended.  if you sign up, your bag of goodness will be waiting for you each Wednesday at the Durham Farmer’s Market between 3:30PM and 6:30PM.

We are hoping to sign up at least 10 new CSA shareholders for this year.  10 deliveries of wonderful items in a large insulated bag each week for a total cost of $110.  If interested, just go here and scroll down to the bottom to sign up and we’ll send you directions for payment.


Rows of summer crops ready to grow.

Rows of summer crops ready to grow.


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