Turmeric and ginger time!

Now that we are into September, we have begun to harvest some of our ginger and turmeric crop.  We are lucky to have a local (Pittsboro based) company called East Branch Ginger where we can order organic “seed pieces” to start each spring.  Ginger needs a very long growing season to produce the roots we like to eat, and turmeric takes even longer.  So we get our seed pieces started in April and plan for harvesting the bulk of the crop before soil temperatures drop below 50 in early to mid October.   Starting this week, we should have fresh ginger, galangal ginger, and turmeric at all our markets until mid-late October (or possibly later).

If you don’t know what to do with this wonderful fresh crop, we highly recommend you start by adding fresh turmeric and ginger to your morning smoothie or juice drink to give it an extra kick.  Those who like to cook will find the fresh ginger to be superb for stir fries, since you can cut the root into slices with the tender skin still on it.  And for those adventurous cooks out there, we sell the turmeric with the leaves on so that you can use the leaves for making Indian dishes such as steamed rice rolls!

Our turmeric row

Our turmeric row


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