Basil and Rosemary Lemonade

Before the heat of the summer really set in this year, a customer visited with us at our farmer’s market table to share with us her favorite summertime drink:  rosemary and basil lemonade.  We were intrigued, so we experimented at home and tweaked a recipe we found online to come up with this really delicious adult lemonade. Hint:  you can also use the simple syrup to add to mixed drinks, etc. to spice them up a bit.

You won’t be sorry you tried it!

First, make an herb infused simple syrup by heating 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar with leaves of 4 sprigs of basil and 4 small sprigs of rosemary until it boils, stirring occasionally.  Sugar should completely dissolve.  Turn heat off and let cool for about 30 minutes and then strain out the herbs.  In a large pitcher, mix the juice of 4 lemons with about 2 quarts of water.  Pour in strained simple syrup, refrigerate and serve over ice for a twist on refreshing lemonade!

Lots of basil with which to experiment!

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